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ADR for Businesses

ADR provides businesses with a quick and inexpensive alternative to court.

ADR can help businesses solve problems quickly and inexpensively, avoiding the debilitating effects that lawsuits have upon a business.

Conflict between Owners

Mediation and arbitration may be used to solve disputes over distributions of profits, delegation of power and responsibility or to establish the terms of a partner’s buyout or sale of the company.

Conflict between Employees

Many times interoffice disputes render a company ineffective. Good and valuable employees sometimes need help resolving their difficulties with one another. Mediation may be used to solve these sorts of workplace problems.

Conflict between Employees and the Company

Mediation and arbitration may be used to settle disagreements over the terms of an employee’s separation. Arbitration may be invoked to interpret employment agreements, including separation terms, bonus payments, salary, and ownership of creative work.

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